We Are Divers

On many company websites you will find a section titled About US. It has general descriptions, usually written in third person, and full of corporate language that is completely different from how we speak in our daily lives.

That’s not what Dive-Ops is about. As the title of this article says, We are divers. It sounds like a catch phrase, but it has a real meaning. Dive-Ops is not an investment in a portfolio. We’re not a small department in a publicly traded corporation. We are divers.

That means that we have real experience on the working end of a dive umbilical. We know what it takes to get a diver to the work site, get the job done, and get that person home safely to family and friends. And we care about those things.

We think this message is important. Not only to perspective customers, but to the people that work at Dive-Ops. Our focus is the work, and getting it done safely.

That’s what we do, because that is what we are.